Shopping and Delivery

Keep the pajamas on. I will shop for you and deliver the best produce, meat, seafood and more right to your door! Delivery is not limited to groceries I can pretty much deliver anything. Just ask! $15-$25 delivery 15% or more gratuity

Full-Service Delivery

I will shop for you and have all your groceries put up before you arrive! Don't stand in long lines when you can be soaking up the sun! Service available for locals too. $15-$25 delivery 15% or more gratuity $20 to stock

Curbside Delivery

I will pick up your groceries curbside. Full-stock option available with curbside with a 50 item limit and a 100 item limit for drop off. Please see FAQ for stores I do curbside. $15-$30 delivery $20 full-stock Gratuity appreciated but optional!

Restaurant pickup

I will pick up your favorite food on and off the island! I can deliver from anywhere you want from island favorites like The Ugly Grouper to fast-food restaurants in town like Chic-fil-A. $15-$30 delivery Gratuity appreciated but optional!