Please watch the full tutorial video and continue below to FAQ thanks!

ATTENTION: Do NOT make a list with Instacart, curbside pickup, or online ordering. Don't pay for anything in advance or add anything to a cart. You're just making a list as if you are going to shop at the store yourself. Download the actual Publix store app it shows in video, remember your login, and create your list on there. With your login details I can see your list from my phone. 

Please do your deli items (meats, cheese, platters, and subs) as it shows in the video that way I can just schedule it as an in-store pickup instead of waiting in the deli line.

Please don’t clip coupons. It messes up your list and I don’t do coupons anyways because I don’t charge markups. You will still get in store sales though! 

*Publix sales change Thursdays.

Item limit: 70 (flexible)
Water case limit: 2
Alcohol case limit: 4
12 packs limit: 4
If it’s an extra heavy order you will be charged extra. Please go easy on heavy items I am only one person and most rentals have stairs. I am flexible with item limits please just use common sense. THANKS!