Grocery Delivery
$15-$25 delivery fee
15% or more tip of the order total (15% is just the minimum)
Stocking fee $20

Restaurant Pickup
$15-$30 delivery fee
Tip appreciated but optional!

You pay upon delivery or before with cash, check, Zelle, or Venmo. I prefer to have the funds for your groceries before leaving the store as I pay with my own funds. If unable to due to travel it's okay you can pay once you are free. Though, I must always be paid in full before leaving your rental/home.

Please see the list creation tutorial above. You can download the Publix app and build your list on there then you just give me your login so I can see your detailed list from my phone. I don't need your list until 1 or 2 days before your order. Publix sales change on Thursday.
If you would like me to put your groceries up before check-in time please contact your rental agency for permission and a way for me to get in. If after check-in then I will just get access from you.
Unfortunately, the items in your list won't show prices. I am not sure why Publix doesn't show prices when making a list that way. I won't know how much your groceries cost until I get to the register.

I deliver to everywhere local. Bradenton, Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, Longboat Key, and some of Palmetto.

I can shop multiple stores on the same order. Every extra store is $5-$10.

Chop Shop (local butcher) they are awesome!
Winn Dixie (curbside only, 50 items max for full-stock)
Aldi's (curbside pickup only, 50 item max for full-stock)
Detwiler's (wed-thurs only, curbside pickup only)
Walmart (curbside pickup only, 50 items max for full-stock)

Curbside delivery:
Gratuity appreciated but optional! 

It is free to cancel before I go to the store. Please cancel as soon as possible so I can book others. I know things happen with travel as well and I understand, so if it is the same day and I haven't arrived at the store that is fine too!

If you cancel once I begin shopping you will be charged $25 automatically or $40 per hour I have shopped (usually I let you know what time I'm going to the store).

If I have left the store and paid for your items with my own funds you will be charged the delivery fee and tip as well as your grocery total. I may be able to refund your items depending on item count, what the store will allow, how far I am from the store when you cancel.

If you cancel your trip after I have already stocked your rental you will be charged the delivery fee, tip, stocking fee, and grocery total. 
The service I provide is better all around! No mark-ups on items, random fees, and ridiculous replacements. I communicate with you every step of the way and make sure you get exactly what you want to pay for. Unlike many Instacart workers, I pay attention to detail and always choose the best produce, meat, seafood, etc. because I take pride in my business and feel respected and blessed by the people I work with.

It's been a long-term dream of mine to do my own business full time. Every person I work for is one more person getting me closer to my dream and I want my appreciation to show in my work. I put the same amount of care into every order and I always make sure you have a positive experience.

Many Instacart and Shipt workers are being undervalued, underpaid, and don't have the time to really care. It's just about getting the job done. The support is horrible when you have a problem for customers AND workers, I believe they don't even have a phone number. You never know who is shopping for you next. Also, Instacart's app is being controlled by a computer and many times there are items on customers' list they never wanted, along with many other technical difficulties.

With Little Budgie, you're getting repeat, consistent great service with someone you know and trust! Thank you for supporting my small business! I appreciate you!